West end production, Billy Elliot at Pineapple dance studio


I got the chance to visit Pineapple dance studio and meet some of the cast from the West end production Billy Elliot. I interviewed Dawn Buckland, her job was a Swing. This meant she had to cover all the girls’ roles. In this particular show she covered 4 roles.

 ”The age range is so different the youngest Billy being 9 years old, it sort of works like a family”.

 She shares a dressing room with 5 other girls. They work 6 days a week.

  “I started Ice-skating from a young age, I was told by my ice-skating teacher I should take dance lessons then one time at an holiday camp there was a talent show and i got spotted by an talent scout and that was it but everyone has different ways of getting where they get to”.

 She has a five year old daughter and her husband is also in show business, he has just finished the Phantom of the Opera. So far ,although challenging, they are managing to survive without a nanny.

 At the moment there are 5 Billys, 3 Debbys, 3 Mickeys and like a family they all live in a big house and the children are schooled when they are not working. Altogether nearly 200 people go into producing a show.

“Once a Billy’s voice breaks he will slowly go out of the show. One boy’s voice broke in the middle of a show”. 

 When searching for a Billy they try to find a boy with the same story as Billy, “they try to find a true Billy Elliot”

One time there was a McDonalds advert, the girl was asked to take a bite of the burger and she refused because she was so against McDonalds.

Her one piece of advice was “Aim to be the best version of you”.


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