Fresh start, Fresh hair this summer

This summer hols I want a new fresh hair style for a new fresh start. Its worth checking out The beautey department,

Also I love the dip die trend gives your hair a fresh edge and doesn’t last forever. I bought non purmanent glow in the dark hairspray yesterday cant waight to try it out.


12 thoughts on “Fresh start, Fresh hair this summer

    • Thankyou glad it was of some use, Im going to Majorca and needed some inspiration and I am so board of my normal ponytails so thought I would share some ideas.

      I had a good look at your blog I love some of your fashion drawrings and sketches and its beautifuly set out.

      • Thank you!
        I always wear my hair in a knot, it’s the easiest way to get it out of my face, but I really need to cut it and try out more hair-do’s, it looks really boring right now. I need to focus less on shoes and more on hair… 😛

      • Yep exactly the same, Im terrible for spending all my money on shoes and then not knowing which to pack and i usally end up sitting on my suitcase to try and shut it

      • haha, sounds exactly like me! But sitting on your suitcase actually really works, once I had to stand on it to close it. I hope it won’t come to that this summer…

      • I might have to try that standing up idea if it comes to it but I have tryed 3 of my friends sitting on one suitcase when I was desprate. I think lots of pictures of my luggage overloads have ended up on faceboook, tagged as Nina the shopaholic.

      • Hahahaha, that’s funny. Lucky me, my packing-adventures haven’t been documented until now, I’m trying to keep it that way!

      • Just bought a huge suitcase in the sale yesterday, 70%off what a bargon. Its nearly as big as me. Hopefully this will reduce the times I have to sit on my suitcase but to be honest I will probably just endup packing even more stuff.

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