Thank God its the Weekend!

After a stressfull week I find the best way to distress is to have a pamper day. So I thought I would share with you my pamper routine:

Time for a relaxing bath

Time for a relaxing bath

1. First I change into my favourite PJ’s and put my slipers and silk dressing gown on.

2. I run a hot bath, I like to use bath bomb and bubble bath products from lush because they smell soooo good! My favourite lush product at the moment is the magic wand which you swirl around in your bath, it makes bubbles, it smells of bubble gum and best of all it turns your bath pink.

3. I light some candles and put some relaxing music on, I have a pink duck radio that bobs in the water which blasts out my favourite tunes, its super cute.

5.  I apply Soap and Glorys’ no clogs allowed self heating face mask, and Clinique sparkle skin body exfoliator. Then I wash it off in the shower and when I get out I use moisturising creme soufflé with extracts of mango, jojoba and red seaweed by Sanctuary Spa it leaves your skin feeling perfecto silky soft.

6. I paint my nails in the colour I am going to base my outfits on for the weekend. This Saturday evening I am going to a concert with my friends and I am planning on wearing a  gold metallic skirt so I painted my nails in the colour God Save the Queen Gold by Maybeline. 



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