Winter Layers

The first word that pops into my head when I think about winter fashion is layering. For some people this word may seem rather daunting, the idea of having to make sure that not only one layer but all the layers work well together. But see it as a challenge, a chance to experiment and get creative. Devote half a day to looking through your winter wardrobe and putting layers next to each other to find out what goes. At first you may try something on and think this will never work! But keep faith and swap one of the layers for a different layer in your wardrobe until you get a set of layers you are happy with, then take a photo so you won’t forget! And get creative combining different fabrics, textures and patterns.

I wore this layered outfit for a walk in the park. I teemed a high collared, tight fitted black top to keep my chest warm with a baggy pink knitted jumper that created beautiful shadows in the creases and a floaty sheer pink polka dot skirt to give an ultra feminine look and to show the layer of more sporty black jeans under neath. Then accessorised it with ladylike pink pearls and gold charm which contrasts with the more sporty, edgy sneakers that are black and gold with a slither of pink at the back to bring all the colours together. This complete look gave a feminine ladylike look with a sporty edgy twist…

I would love to see how you style your layers, you are more than welcome to leave a photo in the comment section below (:



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