Photography- Industry Vs Nature


I love the army jacket trend, sported by Versace on the catwalk, showing powerful, strong women! However as-well as the price tag dilemma, an army jacket can seem a hard thing to match with everyday basics. So I went for this jacket by Barbour, with army influences shown just within the details, by the shoulders, cut and the pockets. Yet its subtleness  and easy to match black allows it to be worn with almost everything, making sure you get your moneys worth. I went for a messy side bun as its easy, keeps your hair out of your face, while still looking chic. My gloves are from M&S and are made out of cashmere giving that extra luxury comfort, and I love the furry detailing on the cuffs!

Barbour Black Streak Jacket:[2]=10486

The setting was at an old warehouse, where I was taking photos for an art project with an emphasis on where nature ‘fights back’ after industrial buildings becomes derelict :




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