Halloween with a touch of glamour

For our Halloween party we visited magic box and purchased skeletons, huge rats, smoky cauldrons and more. Instead of being your average witch, I decided to come as Medusa with the snake hair. The morning of the Halloween party we went into Fenwick’s and went to the Tokyo lash bar. You can choose from every type of false lashes you could ever want and they fit them for free. I chose ones that looked like black feathers. It really completed my outfit. I also bought cheep plastic snakes to tie in my hair. And I wore a silver long velvet dress. At the party there were some wonderful costumes from Scooby doo to skeleton zombies!

A trip to Tokyo lash bar for Halloween.



Top 5 Tokyo Sunglasses

Tokyo, shades down exibition

Love these Tokyo-Skytreetown sunglasses

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY, for the tokyo exibition called shades down

by Nina Winn