Roman Holiday- My Holiday Secret Tips

When going on holiday you have two options:

1. Do all the tourist attractions

2. Wander aimlessly and see what you discover

In my personal experiences booking all the tourist attractions results in overpriced spots queuing in the heat with a load of tourists, for attractions that none of the locals do, to take a few snaps without taking in your surroundings.

Whereas wandering on holiday gives me such excitement, not knowing what treasures you are going to find, where you might end up, what you might see and who you might meet, no expectations to be disappointed by but just an adrenaline from the unknown. For me this is my ideal type of holiday. Normally in everyday life we have to plan everything to the exact detail in order to get all our tasks and responsibilities done in time where as on holiday you have the freedom of no responsibilities and there is something beautifully indulgent about wandering aimlessly. If this is too much for you and you are the kind of person who needs a plan, take a baby step and choose an area that you like the sound of e.g an ‘arty’ area, a ‘foody’ area then from their wander through it without planning specific places. Trust me it will set you free and holidays will be like never before! Give it a try! I DARE you!

For me being away is also the time to be adventurous in your style and experiment because you are away where no one knows you, giving you the opportunity to create an identity and a story around yourself, always wanted to own your own super yaught, dress like you own a super yaught, because why not!

Here are some photos of me and my discoveries and crazy outfits along the way of my discovery of Rome:

1558263472837Colour fountain 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_1082IMG_4444IMG_6391 2IMG_6542IMG_6589IMG_6903IMG_6944IMG_6951IMG_7198IMG_7219IMG_7220IMG_8272IMG_8305IMG_8326IMG_8343IMG_8355IMG_8375IMG_8448IMG_9311IMG_9431IMG_9432

To see more of my style and outfit combinations follow me on instagram: nikitawinn_

Photos of me by @neil.pattinson

Hope you guys enjoy trying out my tips! If you want to know where any of my clothes are from or any questions at all would love to hear from you in the comments below (:


My Three Essentials for a London Christmas trip for Fashion Lovers


  1. Visit an art exhibition: London is full of some really great art galleries with exhibitions constantly changing, but the exhibitions are very popular so its worth doing your research early on finding which one you like and booking it. I love the V&A because it combines my three favourite things fashion, textiles and history. While down in London I visited the ‘You Say you want a Revolution’ 60s and 70s exhibition at the V&A. It was a truly amazing exhibition, like stepping back into a time machine! It was set out into sections going through the different influential areas fashion, history, protest, pop culture, festivals. Before going to the exhibition I thought I knew quite a lot about the 60s and 70s, although being a 90s baby I had been told a lot about it by different people.But by seeing it all together it was like a jigsaw puzzle had been put together and suddenly I felt like I could see the whole picture, all the little things I had been told before suddenly made sense and I felt like someone had literally put me in their shoes. I could feel and understand how they felt and why the young were so eager for change! So I would recommend this exhibition to anyone who loves art and history. I couldn’t resist picking up one of these super cool psychedelic postcards and ‘Colour outside the Lines’ pencil. The V&A is a really amazing place to pick up unique quirky gifts for any art enthusiast!

2. Window Shopping and Visiting the Christmas Windows at Bonds Street

3. A Visit to Libertys Haberdashery: A beautiful pick mix of colourful fabrics and buttons, the paradise of all sewers and makers is a must!

Have a Fabulously Fashionable Christmas! x


I love discovering new and interesting little coffee shops, you get the same feeling as when you find that perfect dress. My perfect coffee shop is one that is cosy with comfy furniture, like a home away from home, plenty of magazines to keep up to date on all the latest fashion trends and quirky, arty decor to obsess over. For me coffee shops are great for getting work done, where you won’t be distratced by the temptations of home like tv, somewhere to people watch and stalk peoples outfits or to meet friends and chat over everything you’ve missed since you last saw them (the size of the coffee cup depending on how much you have to catch up on!)

While Visiting a friend in York this weekend I found this little gem of a cafe complete with mint and purple decor, cute fairy fairylights, golden mirrors, leafy plants and three floors all fitted with mismatch cosy furniture, what more could you want!..And it matched my top 😀 leaving me feeling like a camelion





Im wearing:

  • Black velvet pinafor dress-Urban Outfitters
  • Mint lace top-H&M


Autumn Fashion Essentials


I love Autumn, crisp blue sky, golden leaves, the perfect time for a long dog walk with my favourite little pup! Autumn means a new fashion season, my favourite layering, lots and lots of layering, different textures, colours, materials and patterns. After previous years picking out the loudest, brightest coats for autumn I wanted to invest in a staple black coat which I could wear over and over again and would look different every time depending on what it was styled with. I tried various different styles but decided on the cape because I feel it is chic and can be dressed up or down, the winter version of a little black dress. I wanted a good quality coat as it was essential that it would last, yet I don’t have a massive budget so after looking around trying to find what felt like the impossible, I stumbled across the idea of TK Maxx. And in TK Maxx I found many beautiful coats by designer labels such as Kate Spade many discounted by more than 50%. The cape I chose had big pockets (always useful), a belt emphasising your waist and had splits in the arms allowing your jumper underneath to be exposed meaning it will look different every time you wear it and can be slammed up for evening with long gloves.


Cape-Diana Von Furstenberg (at TK max)

Jumper- Ted Baker

Black Jeans-Armani


Fringe bag-H&M


My Holiday Looks and Packing Tips

IMG_4008 (1)

Packing Tip- when packing choose a colour scheme and stick to it, to avoid the problem of getting to the hotel and finding nothing goes.

My Main Colour Scheme-Nude,white,gold

Look 1.) Casual evening-The outfit was for an evening when I was planning on going for a wander to find a casual local restaurant. As I wasn’t sure how much walking I was going to do I went for a pointed toed kitten heel in the colour nude, which is a must have when going on holiday, as it goes with everything and is practical yet glam. I teamed these with my white jeans which have a lacy pattern, giving them more of an evening feel. I then put this with my floaty white peasant shirt, which is lovely for evenings in hot climates,as you feel a bit more covered up for the evening, yet still cool and comfortble and it singes in at the waist creating an hourglass figure. My bag is a nude/gold colour in an envelope style, I feel it is the perfect size as its big enough to fit your phone, lipstick, powder and shall, without looking bulky.


Trousers-Karen Millen


Clutch bag-Olga Berg



Look 2.)- Outfit to the shopping mall

This top is really useful as because of its floaty long style, it can also team up as a beach cover up. I teamed it with my white jeans (shown in previous look), a statement necklace and a grecian headband to give it an exotic feel.




Bag-Michael Kors shopper bag in gold and nude



Look 3.) At the beach club-This is my favourite beach cover up as the pattern is really beautiful and unusual and it has little beads that catch the light when you move. I teamed it with my swimming costume with similar purples, pinks and blues in as it will show through the cover up, so I wanted it to match. I then teamed it with my black and gold Chanel sunglasses to add that extra touch of glitz. I feel if there is any piece that is worth investing in for summer its sunglasses, as you will where them everyday so will be sure to get your moneys worth, just make sure you get a colour and style that is classic, timeless and will go with every outfit.


Swimming Costume and cover up- Both Accessorize


Look 4.)- Special restaurant

This evening we had booked a special restaurant, so it was a chance to dress up. I wore my peasant shirt again (as talked about in first look) showing its versatility, but this time dressed up. I teamed it with long teardrop gold Swarovski crystal earrings, gold tulip skirt and my gold open toed stilettos. I tied my hair up to show off the earrings, but left a few strands of hair down to intertwine with the earring to further emphasise it.



Stilletos-Kurt Geiger


P1080407Look 5.) Versatility- Shopping followed by dinner

This outfit was for another shopping day but followed by dinner. As this outfit had to do both shopping and dinner, I needed it to be comfy yet glamourise without being too over the top for shopping. These trousers and top are a matching set and are made out of a very lightweight, breathable knitted material making them super comfy. The flared style of the trousers gives them more of an evening feel and the metallic threads woven in-between add a beautiful shimmer. I brought a shall as sometimes with the air conditioning in the malls it can be bit cold, this one is nude, with metallic threads also woven in so matches with the overall look. I teamed it with some more chunky casual heels to dress it down a bit for shopping and to give the comfort needed. I then wore my gold studded hairband to give the look a bit of edginess, followed by my gold shopper (mentioned in look 2)

Trouser and top set- Zara


Hairband and shoes- Both Topshop

Packing tip: Shawls are always handy as can double up as a blanket on the plane, a shawl or scarf in the evenings for when its a bit cooler and a beach cover up.

Packing tip: Often when on holiday you need outfits that will be good for lots of different occasions and can be dressed up or down, so try to consider this when packing.

I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to share any packing tips you may have, as I am always looking for ways to improve my travel x


Beach Please

After two skiing trips it was defiantly time for a beach holiday in the sunshine. As I only had time for a short trip I needed somewhere fairly close by, so that ruled out some of the competition, in the end I chose Tenerife as I had never been there before and it seemed one of the most lightly destinations to have sunshine. What I didn’t realise was just how much I would enjoy Tenerife! My hotel Jardin de Tropical, was in the perfect location situated in Costa Adejes, with a beach club attached to the hotel which looked right out to sea with luxurious cabana beds, a pool and bar. When wanting to explore I only had to walk out of the hotel to discover many different restaurants, two shopping malls and people offering excursions and water sports. I took out a sailing boat and was so shocked to find dolphins started swimming next the boat, then when I went snorkelling off the side of the boat I discovered a turtle, it was amazing to see these creatures you normally only get the chance to see in the zoo, in the wild and free! Tenerife really did have something for everyone, and I will be defiantly be returning in the future

Sometimes photos speak louder than words, so here are a few of my favourite snaps:

PS if you are interested I will do a post going into more detail about my outfits that I put together for my holiday, and put links to where you can purchase any of the items of clothing I am wearing in the photos. So make sure your following me so you don’t miss my next post X

The Art Of Style Fashion Show

For those of us not blessed with living in a fashion capital it can be hard to find really unique clothing on our doorstep. I live in Newcastle and if you ask where an outfit has come from there is a 50/50 chance it will have come from Topshop. Don’t get me wrong Topshop is great and you can find some good things there but sometimes you want something really unique which you can wear without worrying that five other girls are going to turn up in the same outfit.. This is where Love NICHE comes in, as it offers something that makes you feel one of a kind, special, glamorous, like you can rule the world! Behind every great brand is a mastermind, who in this case is Nisha, she is a truly inspirational passionate women who offers a personal style and custom made service in her beautiful boutique in the heart of Newcastle. To get a flavour of what Love NICHE has to offer, come along to their fashion show The Art of Style, combining fashion and art together to create something truly unique! It takes place at the Biscuit Factory on the 15th March, so get your tickets quick before they sell out!



Photography- Industry Vs Nature


I love the army jacket trend, sported by Versace on the catwalk, showing powerful, strong women! However as-well as the price tag dilemma, an army jacket can seem a hard thing to match with everyday basics. So I went for this jacket by Barbour, with army influences shown just within the details, by the shoulders, cut and the pockets. Yet its subtleness  and easy to match black allows it to be worn with almost everything, making sure you get your moneys worth. I went for a messy side bun as its easy, keeps your hair out of your face, while still looking chic. My gloves are from M&S and are made out of cashmere giving that extra luxury comfort, and I love the furry detailing on the cuffs!

Barbour Black Streak Jacket:[2]=10486

The setting was at an old warehouse, where I was taking photos for an art project with an emphasis on where nature ‘fights back’ after industrial buildings becomes derelict :




Dressing for the Ski Slopes


Dressing well for skiing is essential both for warmth and style. It can be bait daunting especially for a beginner.  After skiing every year since the age of four I think I have finally got it down to a T (after having gloves that weren’t warm enough one year and losing feeling in them! Then a coat that was filled with goose feathers that would come out and go everywhere!)

Boots and Skis: You can buy your own but if you are a beginner I would strongly advise renting them as they are not worth getting unless you go all the time. Though even then if your like me you might choose still to rent them as most companies have the latest skis, plus it will take up a lot of weight in your luggage and I would rather have the extra space for more clothes! Also if you try your rented skis and they don’t feel right once you start skiing you can take them back and swap them from another pair.

Ski socks: It is best to get the proper ski socks as they will keep you warm and are longer and will prevent too much rubbing. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing two pairs of ski socks on top of each other as this will actually lead to more rubbing, if you do have problems with rubbing you can get comp speed from the pharmasy which acts as a layer in-between your skin and the thing that is rubbing it.

Thermals(Base layer): They are one of my essentials as they are thin, lightweight to pack , breathable and keep you warm.

Mid Layer: I wear a very thin lightweight jacket as the weather is very unpredictable so you can zip it up when cold and down when hot.

Ski Salopettes: There are many different styles and colours so it is mainly down to preference. I find the more skinny fit ones more flattering plus they make you more streamline on the slope. But the skinnier fit ones are hard to find in the UK so I tend to order mine online, just make sure there is a good return system if they don’t fit once you try them on. My salopettes are flared at the bottom so they can go over your boots making sure there is no gap for the cold and wet to get in. The sides have a leather stripe running all the way up bringing the attention to the curves of the body.

Ski Jacket: Similarly there are many different styles and colours. I would avoid red or a mixture of black and red as this is normally the colours of the coats the ski instructors wear so you may get mistook for an instructor. I went for black as it is a classic colour that goes with eveything as you don’t know what colours your ski equipment is going to be if you rent it. I go for a jacket with subtle details such as the zip has diamantes on it and it has a belt which emphasises the hourglass figure.

Buff: For those of you who have never been skiing and wondering what on earth this is! Trust me its not as weird as it sounds. A buff is worn round your neck and can come in all sorts of patterns and colours. It can be pulled over your nose and tucked under your goggles when it gets really cold. These are particularly useful on chair lifts where you are sitting still for a long time and is open so the cold air comes through. Once you get moving and are warm again you can pull the buff back down so it just covered your neck.

Eyewear: Sunglasses and goggles are both useful depending on visibility. If sunny sunglasses can be used but make sure they have good grips on the side so are unsightly to fall off when your bombing it down! Goggles are best when there is low visibility. Different goggles have different levels of visibility and vary depending on price. It is worth getting a good pair of goggles so try and buy some during sale time to keep the cost down. Look out for the goggles with coloured lenses as they normally have the best variation in visibility.

Hair: If your hair is down during skiing it can be a nuisance as it gets caught in all your ski gear, but if put up in a high pony tail or bun it can be awkward to fit under a helmet. So my go to hairstyle is the plait.

Pocket items: Make sure you have your lift pass, in an inside pocket by itself if possible so there is no danger of it falling out when getting out other stuff. Then believe it or not it can get very sunny on the slopes and a bright red face with white goggle marks is not an attractive look so keep sunscrean on hand as the weather may be cloudy in the morning but come out sunny later on. The wind can be very drying so I like to keep a lip barm and now you can get ones with different tinted colours to brighten up your face. Skiing is hungry work and there are many cafes on the slopes so keep some change in your pockets ready.

Apres ski: Most places are fairly casual and after being on the ski slopes all day you want something comfy and relaxing. My go to item is jeans or my leather leggings with a comfy jumper and fluffy boots. There are a few more dressy restaurants you can book if you want to dress up one night, so maybe take one dress just incase.

Let me know if this was helpful and I would love to here of any good tips you have for skiing?  Also if you would like me to do a more detailed post on possible outfits for pares ski let me know (:









How to Nail Being Sexy But Covered up in Winter

I was scrolling through the internet when I came across this image of Gigi Hadid, and I was awe-struck by the brilliance of this outfit. She is covered up all over apart from the tiniest touch of skin on her left thigh which taunts the viewer allowing the rest of her skin to be left to the imaginartion creating an outfit that is sexy, yet she is almost completely covered up. This creates a look that is very classy and chic while looking effortless. She is wearing head to toe black so the outfit isn’t shouting I want attention and her hair is up but with strands hanging down looking like she put it up in a rush giving the effortless cool and no fuss look. So take inspiration from Gigi and this winter during the party season don’t think you have to have everything on show and do head to toe sparkles shouting hey look at me. Instead go for a look that only hints but doesn’t reveal all. As it can be more sexy to go against the flow of party dressing and stand out by covering up leaving only a slight hint to leave them wanting more…Gigi.jpeg