Sunshine ready

Mara Hoffman Beaded Bistier Bikini set

Mara Hoffman Beaded Bistier Bikini set

Roksanda Illinic swimming costume

Roksanda Illinic swimming costume

jigsaw swimming costume

jigsaw swimming costume




The hidden beauty

Sometimes I like to get away from the city’s for a bit. So at the weekend I went to Tynemouth in Northumberland. Many people when they come to England they go to big citys like London. So places like Northumberland are forgotten, like a hidden beauty. So I thought I would like to show you just how beautiful it really is.

Tynemouth beach

The view from the bus shelter in Tynemouth 

Tynemouth beach

Halloween with a touch of glamour

For our Halloween party we visited magic box and purchased skeletons, huge rats, smoky cauldrons and more. Instead of being your average witch, I decided to come as Medusa with the snake hair. The morning of the Halloween party we went into Fenwick’s and went to the Tokyo lash bar. You can choose from every type of false lashes you could ever want and they fit them for free. I chose ones that looked like black feathers. It really completed my outfit. I also bought cheep plastic snakes to tie in my hair. And I wore a silver long velvet dress. At the party there were some wonderful costumes from Scooby doo to skeleton zombies!

A trip to Tokyo lash bar for Halloween.


Mad as a hatter, What to wear for halloween

Mad as a hatter, What to wear for halloween

Bodycon dress

Lazy Oaf skull dress
$105 –

High heels


Skull jewelry


Club dress

Nail care

Shop till I drop, HongKong

 Today I met one of the manageres of a fashion boutique called russell-street. Basicly they search across Newyork, Paris, London, Tokyo ect. and bring the best back to Hong Kong. They search for new up and coming fashion designers.  Have a look at her website also told me the ones to watch are Clover Canton who does unique print designs and St.Martins student Iris van herpen who has a individual edgy style.

Iris van herpen, known for her edgy individual style

Top 5 Tokyo Sunglasses

Tokyo, shades down exibition

Love these Tokyo-Skytreetown sunglasses

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY, for the tokyo exibition called shades down

by Nina Winn

The wow factor

I love this photo, not only the dress itself but the way it’s been captured as if you can almost feel it moving. I saw this on and my first reaction was wow. So I would sum this up as the wow factor.


New York’s Met Ball Gala

by Nina Winn


Fresh start, Fresh hair this summer

This summer hols I want a new fresh hair style for a new fresh start. Its worth checking out The beautey department,

Also I love the dip die trend gives your hair a fresh edge and doesn’t last forever. I bought non purmanent glow in the dark hairspray yesterday cant waight to try it out.