My Three Essentials for a London Christmas trip for Fashion Lovers


  1. Visit an art exhibition: London is full of some really great art galleries with exhibitions constantly changing, but the exhibitions are very popular so its worth doing your research early on finding which one you like and booking it. I love the V&A because it combines my three favourite things fashion, textiles and history. While down in London I visited the ‘You Say you want a Revolution’ 60s and 70s exhibition at the V&A. It was a truly amazing exhibition, like stepping back into a time machine! It was set out into sections going through the different influential areas fashion, history, protest, pop culture, festivals. Before going to the exhibition I thought I knew quite a lot about the 60s and 70s, although being a 90s baby I had been told a lot about it by different people.But by seeing it all together it was like a jigsaw puzzle had been put together and suddenly I felt like I could see the whole picture, all the little things I had been told before suddenly made sense and I felt like someone had literally put me in their shoes. I could feel and understand how they felt and why the young were so eager for change! So I would recommend this exhibition to anyone who loves art and history. I couldn’t resist picking up one of these super cool psychedelic postcards and ‘Colour outside the Lines’ pencil. The V&A is a really amazing place to pick up unique quirky gifts for any art enthusiast!

2. Window Shopping and Visiting the Christmas Windows at Bonds Street

3. A Visit to Libertys Haberdashery: A beautiful pick mix of colourful fabrics and buttons, the paradise of all sewers and makers is a must!

Have a Fabulously Fashionable Christmas! x


The Perfect Gift for a Perfume Lover


Perfume is one of those things that is very personal to each person and can smell completely different on each and every person. So when choosing a present for someone who loves perfume do you brave it and pick a perfume and just hope they like it? OR! Is their an alternative, a perfume bottle… You may say well perfume already comes in a bottle and their are some lovely bottles but a bottle that is truly unique to that person which no one else with the same perfume will have, well if thats not the perfect present for a perfume lover, then i don’t know what is!

I recently bought this perfume bottle from an art gallery near me, The Biscuit Factory  with a gift voucher a friend had bought me. I really love the middle of it as it reminds me of an abstract heart and every time I see it in my room it brings a smile to my face, and every time I use it my perfume feels one hundred times more luxurious. So weather its a gift for someone else or just a sneaky treat for yourself why not invest in a beautiful bottle, I promise you won’t regret it!