Autumn from the inside

img_2747IMG_2748.jpgAutumn is the season where the weather turns cold and crisp the sky are big and blue and the leaves turn a golden colour,  an art students dreams come true. But as much as I love walking outside in Autumn, I also love the feeling of going into a warm cosy cafe after a walk outside. There is something truly comforting about that warm air that hits you and that smell of freshly made baking and coffee, peering outside at the beautiful autumn landscape from the comfort of your cosy spot inside the cafe. Today was a particularly satisfying day as the contrast of the cold outside with the warmth inside created a beautiful condensation on the windows which gave a mysterious, more abstract look to the outside, and a comforting reminder that you are sheltered from the coldness of outside.


Barcelona-A Little Something For Everyone

What I loved about Barcelona was it seemed to have just about anything you could want in a holiday. It had the beach for beach lovers, the port for boat lovers, the shops for shopaholics, restaurants for food connoisseurs and art galleries and museums for culture queens.

Here are a few photos to give you a small taster to tickle your tastebuds of what Barcelona has to offer:


Fruity fashion

Fruity fashion

Twenty8Twelve short skirt
$115 –

Motel floral jeans
$29 –

Shellys wedge shoes
$56 –

Betsey johnson

Felt necklace

Top 5 Tokyo Sunglasses

Tokyo, shades down exibition

Love these Tokyo-Skytreetown sunglasses

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY, for the tokyo exibition called shades down

by Nina Winn

The wow factor

I love this photo, not only the dress itself but the way it’s been captured as if you can almost feel it moving. I saw this on and my first reaction was wow. So I would sum this up as the wow factor.


New York’s Met Ball Gala

by Nina Winn