The Perfect Gift for a Perfume Lover


Perfume is one of those things that is very personal to each person and can smell completely different on each and every person. So when choosing a present for someone who loves perfume do you brave it and pick a perfume and just hope they like it? OR! Is their an alternative, a perfume bottle… You may say well perfume already comes in a bottle and their are some lovely bottles but a bottle that is truly unique to that person which no one else with the same perfume will have, well if thats not the perfect present for a perfume lover, then i don’t know what is!

I recently bought this perfume bottle from an art gallery near me, The Biscuit Factory  with a gift voucher a friend had bought me. I really love the middle of it as it reminds me of an abstract heart and every time I see it in my room it brings a smile to my face, and every time I use it my perfume feels one hundred times more luxurious. So weather its a gift for someone else or just a sneaky treat for yourself why not invest in a beautiful bottle, I promise you won’t regret it!