My Three Essentials for a London Christmas trip for Fashion Lovers


  1. Visit an art exhibition: London is full of some really great art galleries with exhibitions constantly changing, but the exhibitions are very popular so its worth doing your research early on finding which one you like and booking it. I love the V&A because it combines my three favourite things fashion, textiles and history. While down in London I visited the ‘You Say you want a Revolution’ 60s and 70s exhibition at the V&A. It was a truly amazing exhibition, like stepping back into a time machine! It was set out into sections going through the different influential areas fashion, history, protest, pop culture, festivals. Before going to the exhibition I thought I knew quite a lot about the 60s and 70s, although being a 90s baby I had been told a lot about it by different people.But by seeing it all together it was like a jigsaw puzzle had been put together and suddenly I felt like I could see the whole picture, all the little things I had been told before suddenly made sense and I felt like someone had literally put me in their shoes. I could feel and understand how they felt and why the young were so eager for change! So I would recommend this exhibition to anyone who loves art and history. I couldn’t resist picking up one of these super cool psychedelic postcards and ‘Colour outside the Lines’ pencil. The V&A is a really amazing place to pick up unique quirky gifts for any art enthusiast!

2. Window Shopping and Visiting the Christmas Windows at Bonds Street

3. A Visit to Libertys Haberdashery: A beautiful pick mix of colourful fabrics and buttons, the paradise of all sewers and makers is a must!

Have a Fabulously Fashionable Christmas! x

Winter Layers

The first word that pops into my head when I think about winter fashion is layering. For some people this word may seem rather daunting, the idea of having to make sure that not only one layer but all the layers work well together. But see it as a challenge, a chance to experiment and get creative. Devote half a day to looking through your winter wardrobe and putting layers next to each other to find out what goes. At first you may try something on and think this will never work! But keep faith and swap one of the layers for a different layer in your wardrobe until you get a set of layers you are happy with, then take a photo so you won’t forget! And get creative combining different fabrics, textures and patterns.

I wore this layered outfit for a walk in the park. I teemed a high collared, tight fitted black top to keep my chest warm with a baggy pink knitted jumper that created beautiful shadows in the creases and a floaty sheer pink polka dot skirt to give an ultra feminine look and to show the layer of more sporty black jeans under neath. Then accessorised it with ladylike pink pearls and gold charm which contrasts with the more sporty, edgy sneakers that are black and gold with a slither of pink at the back to bring all the colours together. This complete look gave a feminine ladylike look with a sporty edgy twist…

I would love to see how you style your layers, you are more than welcome to leave a photo in the comment section below (:


My Art Final Pieces In The Exhibition

P1070565IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0075 IMG_0002 IMG_0074

My final pieces were inspired by ethnic fabrics in particular Indian Saris. It was influenced by the urban artist Tristan Eaton audrey and Maurizio Anzeri Mauriziowho sews onto old photographs. I created ethnic patterns using  hand sewing and coloured pens onto a photograph of my grandma taken in the 1950s. I think it would make a great personalised gift for family or friends.

Matthew Bourne’s gothic romance ballet

  On Saturday I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Ballet and I was blown away by the creativity and spin on Sleeping beauty. It was packed with a gothic romance, exquisite dancing and fabulous costumes. Being interested in fashion I did a bit of research into the costume designer and I found an interview with the costume designer Lez Brotherston by the V&A, which I have included a little snip it of.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

The ceiling at the Theature Royal

The ceiling at the Theatre Royal

The outfit I wore to the ballet

The outfit I wore to the ballet

Brotherston in his studio.

Brotherston in his studio.

Snip it of interview by V&A with Lez Brotherston.


‘Different projects, films, books, you look at different things. What I look at changes all the time. What kind of production will it be like? It grows from that. Basically it goes back to the script, that’s the way I was taught. If you get stuck, read the play again. There’s no point looking at twenty paintings, the play will tell you.’Being unpopular is part of a designer’s job.

“Now I do the bad guy bit. I’ve done the bit where I design it. I’ve done the bit where I’ll come up with anything you want… and now I’m saying you haven’t got enough money to do this”.

Dancing in ‘real clothes’

‘Period costumes have to move with the body, but dancers like tight-fitting costumes. However, a jacket that fits too snugly will rise with the arms and stay up. The battle is to get the dancers to accept looser fittings that move up and down the body.

 To see more of the interview go to:

Dressing the stars

  Last Sunday I went to an exhibition in Woodhorn called ‘dressing the stars’. ‘Dressing the Stars’ is a celebration of all the great British costume designers. On display were forty costumes worn by Keira Knightley in The Duchess, Kate Winslett, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth, Judi Dench in Shakespeare in Love, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech. The costumes were even more fabulously over the top in real life!

Finished my sewing project, I am sew very happy

I am working on my sea collection themed clothes collection. After allot of pinning, invisible hand stitching, cutting and blood, sweat and tears. I have finally finished my crepe de chine bodice with a detachable skirt. I got the dark blue crepe de chine material from an antique shop as it is vintage and then some light blue silk for the skirt. The idea is that with the skirt on it is very sophisticated until at the end of the catwalk the model whips off the skirt to reveal the skin tight leg showing bodice!

The bodice and skirt

The bodice and skirt

The bodice without the skirt

The bodice without the skirt

Vivienne Westwood mood board

Vivienne Westwood mood board