Barcelona-A Little Something For Everyone

What I loved about Barcelona was it seemed to have just about anything you could want in a holiday. It had the beach for beach lovers, the port for boat lovers, the shops for shopaholics, restaurants for food connoisseurs and art galleries and museums for culture queens.

Here are a few photos to give you a small taster to tickle your tastebuds of what Barcelona has to offer:



Dressing for the Ski Slopes


Dressing well for skiing is essential both for warmth and style. It can be bait daunting especially for a beginner.  After skiing every year since the age of four I think I have finally got it down to a T (after having gloves that weren’t warm enough one year and losing feeling in them! Then a coat that was filled with goose feathers that would come out and go everywhere!)

Boots and Skis: You can buy your own but if you are a beginner I would strongly advise renting them as they are not worth getting unless you go all the time. Though even then if your like me you might choose still to rent them as most companies have the latest skis, plus it will take up a lot of weight in your luggage and I would rather have the extra space for more clothes! Also if you try your rented skis and they don’t feel right once you start skiing you can take them back and swap them from another pair.

Ski socks: It is best to get the proper ski socks as they will keep you warm and are longer and will prevent too much rubbing. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing two pairs of ski socks on top of each other as this will actually lead to more rubbing, if you do have problems with rubbing you can get comp speed from the pharmasy which acts as a layer in-between your skin and the thing that is rubbing it.

Thermals(Base layer): They are one of my essentials as they are thin, lightweight to pack , breathable and keep you warm.

Mid Layer: I wear a very thin lightweight jacket as the weather is very unpredictable so you can zip it up when cold and down when hot.

Ski Salopettes: There are many different styles and colours so it is mainly down to preference. I find the more skinny fit ones more flattering plus they make you more streamline on the slope. But the skinnier fit ones are hard to find in the UK so I tend to order mine online, just make sure there is a good return system if they don’t fit once you try them on. My salopettes are flared at the bottom so they can go over your boots making sure there is no gap for the cold and wet to get in. The sides have a leather stripe running all the way up bringing the attention to the curves of the body.

Ski Jacket: Similarly there are many different styles and colours. I would avoid red or a mixture of black and red as this is normally the colours of the coats the ski instructors wear so you may get mistook for an instructor. I went for black as it is a classic colour that goes with eveything as you don’t know what colours your ski equipment is going to be if you rent it. I go for a jacket with subtle details such as the zip has diamantes on it and it has a belt which emphasises the hourglass figure.

Buff: For those of you who have never been skiing and wondering what on earth this is! Trust me its not as weird as it sounds. A buff is worn round your neck and can come in all sorts of patterns and colours. It can be pulled over your nose and tucked under your goggles when it gets really cold. These are particularly useful on chair lifts where you are sitting still for a long time and is open so the cold air comes through. Once you get moving and are warm again you can pull the buff back down so it just covered your neck.

Eyewear: Sunglasses and goggles are both useful depending on visibility. If sunny sunglasses can be used but make sure they have good grips on the side so are unsightly to fall off when your bombing it down! Goggles are best when there is low visibility. Different goggles have different levels of visibility and vary depending on price. It is worth getting a good pair of goggles so try and buy some during sale time to keep the cost down. Look out for the goggles with coloured lenses as they normally have the best variation in visibility.

Hair: If your hair is down during skiing it can be a nuisance as it gets caught in all your ski gear, but if put up in a high pony tail or bun it can be awkward to fit under a helmet. So my go to hairstyle is the plait.

Pocket items: Make sure you have your lift pass, in an inside pocket by itself if possible so there is no danger of it falling out when getting out other stuff. Then believe it or not it can get very sunny on the slopes and a bright red face with white goggle marks is not an attractive look so keep sunscrean on hand as the weather may be cloudy in the morning but come out sunny later on. The wind can be very drying so I like to keep a lip barm and now you can get ones with different tinted colours to brighten up your face. Skiing is hungry work and there are many cafes on the slopes so keep some change in your pockets ready.

Apres ski: Most places are fairly casual and after being on the ski slopes all day you want something comfy and relaxing. My go to item is jeans or my leather leggings with a comfy jumper and fluffy boots. There are a few more dressy restaurants you can book if you want to dress up one night, so maybe take one dress just incase.

Let me know if this was helpful and I would love to here of any good tips you have for skiing?  Also if you would like me to do a more detailed post on possible outfits for pares ski let me know (: